"Hammam" the Exfoliation Bath

Here comes spring with its colors of blooming flowers and beautiful sunshine. We start off our skin care routines so we rock the shorts, sleeveless and swimsuits, etc. with healthy glowing skin. When I was young, I used to hear how my mom’s friends tried the Middle Eastern bath known as “Hammam” and how it did wonders for their skin. They would sit and talk about the whole process of steaming (sauna), soap application and the exfoliation using mitten loofah known as Kessa. They would each describe, what they thought was pigmentation or blemish was dead skin shedding off their skin like pieces of soft clay during exfoliation. Then they would show off their beautiful soft glowing skin and feel pleasured when complimented.

I have sensitive skin and I was looking for exfoliation technics and products online that suit my skin type. Some how I landed up reading about the Hammam in the Middle East, I was like, “I know this!” so I decided to try it. I fo…